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This is a brief introduction to research in the Library, how to decide on a research topic, how to find relevant materials and how to cite them.

Microsoft Word - Hanging Indent

Open a new Microsoft Word document

Select: Paragraph
Select: Special -  Hanging   0.5"
Indentation: Left: 0"
Indentation: Right: 0"
Spacing: Before: 0pt
Spacing: After: 0pt
Line Spacing: Double

Do not add extra space between citations.

Remove red and green wavy underlines from all Word documents:

 File > Options.  Select Proofing.

Uncheck the box next to Check spelling as you type, the box next to Mark grammar errors as you type, and the box next to Check grammar with spelling. Then click OK


Select All - Right click and Select Proofing Language - Don't Check grammar or spelling.