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This is a brief introduction to research in the Library, how to decide on a research topic, how to find relevant materials and how to cite them.


APA Style

The References list comes at the end of your paper and is usually arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name.

Here are some of the changes included in the new  APA 7th edition:

  • DOI and URL are now both presented as hyperlinks for electronic sources.
  • DOI label  is no longer used for entries that include a DOI.
  • “Retrieved from” (preceding the URL or DOI) no longer used
  •  Database citation should end with a period and then either the DOI or URL.

For more information: Reference List - Purdue Online Writing Lab


Hanging Indent

Formatting the Works Cited in Microsoft Word

Select: Paragraph
Select: Special - Hanging 0.5"
Indentation: Left: 0"
Indentation: Right: 0"
Spacing: Before: 0pt
Spacing: After: 0pt
Line Spacing: Double

Check the box marked: Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style
Click on OK